Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Falls to Lowest Level Since January 2020
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The difficulty of mining Bitcoin has fallen after a recalculation last Sunday by 4.81%, according to data provided by

Now the difficulty of mining amounts to 13.67 trillion hashes, the lowest value since January 2020. Moreover, this is 45% less than the recent record of 25.05 trillion, which was recorded in mid-May.

The previous decrease in difficulty was the highest in relative terms since the creation of Bitcoin: last July 3, the indicator fell by almost 28%.

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Sunday's mining difficulty reduction has become the fourth in a row. The first occurred last May 29 and amounted to 16%. The last time mining difficulty dropped four or more times in a row was in 2011.

The decline in mining complexity coincides with the mining ban in China. About 90% of the country's mining companies have ceased operations. In June, four provinces in China completely banned cryptocurrency mining, and in July the Anhui region joined them.

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