Visa and Mastercard Will Continue Working With Binance Despite Pressure From Regulators
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Payment systems Visa and Mastercard are not imposing restrictions on the operations related to crypto exchange Binance in spite of the pressure from regulators on the platform that has caused some companies and banks to stop working with the exchange, the Financial Times reports. A Visa spokesman said:

"We are aware of the recent FCA statement regarding Binance. We are in dialogue with Binance to monitor developments."

"We continue to monitor this situation, including how the exchanges fulfil their regulatory requirements," Mastercard said.

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Neither company has imposed restrictions on their customers transferring funds to Binance, including from the UK. Barclays and Santander banks have previously banned their UK customers from sending transfers to Binance, however, they continue to accept incoming transactions from the trading platform. In addition, Binance users have recently been banned from transferring euros and pounds via SEPA and Faster Payments, respectively.

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