Jeff Bezos's Fortune Reaches a Record $211B
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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' fortune grew $8.44 billion at the end of yesterday's trading session to a record $211 billion, according to Bloomberg.

The last high was recorded in January. Later, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk's fortune reached $210 billion.

Bezos' fortune has increased thanks to the growth of Amazon's shares. Last July 6, they rose 4.7% after the Pentagon announced the cancellation of a contract with Microsoft to create a cloud storage infrastructure.

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Bezos had previously succeeded in court in getting the contract suspended. The businessman claimed Microsoft had won the contract because former US President Donald Trump did not like him personally. Now the Pentagon plans to conclude a new contract not with one, but with several suppliers. According to the department representative, other possible candidates are Oracle, IBM and Google.

Bezos resigned as CEO of Amazon this week. He has been replaced by former Amazon Web Services head Andy Jassy. Bezos will lead the company's board of directors and focus on new products.

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