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Etherscan creators have just rolled out PolygonScan, a blockchain explorer aimed at delivering accurate data from Polygon's PoS blockchain, according to a press release shared with iHodl.

PolygonScan, the complete blockchain scanner for Polygon's PoS blockchain, has made the first release of its long-awaited product.

It is worth mentioning that Polygon supports the EVM and offers almost the same development environment as Ethereum.

The platform is based on the popular scanner Etherscan and has been developed by the same team. is among the most popular explorers for Ethereum.

Now, the same tech will underpin Polygon's PoS blockchain, offering its users and developers a rich environment to interact with the blockchain.

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Mihailo Bjelic, co-founder of Polygon, said:

"We are glad to have received the support of the Etherscan team, their expertise in building effective and useful blockchain explorers is clearly unparalleled in the entire space. I expect PolygonScan to quickly become the most used block explorer on our growing PoS chain, completing the stack of compatible Ethereum tools."

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