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The non-fungible token sector, which dipped in March following an explosive start to the year, is seeing a resurgence, accompanied by an array of new NFT marketplaces and showrooms. What was once an ecosystem in infancy is now awash with options. BTSE is making it easier for artists and collectors alike by combining a marketplace and showroom into its all-in-one platform, BTSENFT. The platform allows users to display their newest NFT creations in a customized format.

The whitelabel solution is being released by the derivatives and spot trading platform BTSE along with Unit London, a contemporary gallery based in London’s Mayfair area. BTSE’s multi-currency wallet is designed to give non-crypto natives an easy fiat on-ramp to mint or buy NFTs.

The Power of Simplification

Half of the battle with new crypto projects is simplicity and ability for users to adapt it before losing interest or confidence. BTSENFT’s fiat on-ramp is ideal for users with limited crypto experience, allowing NFT sellers to reach a much broader audience than other platforms.

The huge influx of NFT buyers coming in from NBA Top Shot and celebrity art drops on NiftyGateway stagnated when it came time to connect a crypto-wallet. BTSE has put a great deal of work into simplifying crypto on-ramps and off-ramps for these types of users in order to improve the user experience.

Jonathan Leong, founder of BTSE, said:

“We are delighted to launch the BTSE White Label NFT solution for clients exploring new opportunities in digital assets. The solution’s crypto-fiat multi-currency wallet speaks to the strength in convenience that users will enjoy.

The versatility in customizing for virtually any market will be attractive for our clients’ NFT projects offering a spectrum of creative works. We think people will be as excited as we are by the many possibilities - as seen already through the new bridge built between the art world and tech.”

By The Artists, For The Artists

In order to make the platform work well for experienced NFT artists as well as newbies, BTSENFT has tapped up huge names in the space like PplPleaser and Marlon Flohr of Bassjackers.

PplPleaser is an NFT pioneer who created the Uniswap promotional NFT “x*y=k” which sold for 310 Ethereum. She was the inspiration for PleaserDAO which has made a name for itself as one of the most prominent NFT DAOs, known for buying the Edward Snowden NFT for $5.4 million. Marlon Flohr is a DJ and one half of Bassjackers, who has experience selling both music NFTs and accompanying video NFTs with visual artist Gergo Szabo. Alongside other creative advisors in the NFT space, they have worked to optimize the ideal NFT marketplace layout and functionality.

Highly secure wallets featuring easy fiat-to-crypto provides a sturdy infrastructure. This is complemented by openly welcoming artists’ creative input and advice on how to design and display art online. With a marriage of all of the best features of art and NFTs, BTSENFT has the potential to become a major hub within the rapidly evolving market, driving further mass adaptation and innovation.

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