Microsoft Shuts Down Azure Blockchain
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US tech giant Microsoft has just announced it is shutting down its blockchain project Azure Blockchain Service.

According to the company, the closure will take effect on September 10, which means that the current users of the service, including J.P. Morgan, GE Aviation, Singapore Airlines, Starbucks and Xbox, have only 4 months to look for other similar services.

It should be noted Microsoft has not disclosed the reasons for its decision.

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In the announcement, the company has suggested its existing customers can opt for ConsenSys Quorum Blockchain Service, to which ConsenSys founder and CEO Joseph Lubin has responded:

"Expanding our relationship with Microsoft helps organizations take advantage of ConsenSys Quorum and Quorum customer support to offer users an enterprise-grade managed blockchain service that can be effortlessly set-up and deployed."

Azure has been in operation for six years.

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