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Binance, the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency exchange, has just announced it is launching an exclusive NFT collection on its upcoming Binance NFT Marketplace, according to a press release shared with iHodl.

In particular, the collection, which will be launched next month, will feature three exclusive NFTs (non-fungible tokens) created by illustrator Jack Perkins. Each piece of digital art is accompanied by an exclusive real-life experience with the player through a golden ticket.

In addition, the player followers will be able to vote on each aspect of the collections designs.

Binance NFT, which is launching in June, will bring together top creators across sports, visual arts, gaming, music and more. Alphonso Davies’ collection gives fans new ways to engage with athletes and star players.

Alphonso Davies said in relation to the collection:

"It’s been crazy to see the way crypto has grown over the years to the point where I feel now it’s changing the game through NFTs and providing another opportunity for genuine engagement with fans. Away from football I am always looking into new technological changes to help engage with people across the world, and this is just another layer to my digital presence."

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