Bitcoin Miners Revenue Hit $1.7 Billion in April
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Bitcoin miners revenue reached $1.7B last month, according to data provided by The Block.

Even though this is a really high figure, it is worth noting it is slightly lower than the revenue miners reaped in March, when they earned $1.75 billion as a reward for mining the largest cryptocurrency on the market.

Last month's good data is due in part to the rise in the price of Bitcoin, which traded above $60,000 at the beginning of the month.

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Of the $1.75 billion, 14.51% or about $247 million came from transaction fees. It must be noted that fees did not represent such a high percentage of the miner's revenue since the beginning of 2018.

These spectacular revenue coincides with a period of change for the global sector, as China's long dominance in the mining space is fading, a process underpinned by the growing investment in North America and the high demand for hardware outside of China.

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