London Court Greenlights Craig Wright to Serve Bitcoin Copyright Claim
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London’s High Court allowed Craig Wright, a self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor (also known as Satoshi Nakamoto), to file a copyright infringement lawsuit against the operator and publisher of the website, which calls itself Cobra, Reuters has learned.

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The case hinges on who created Bitcoin's whitepaper, which first described the technological aspects of the cryptocurrency.

" is not based in the UK and Craig's copyright claims on this document can easily be verified as false...," Cobra wrote to Wright Ontier's lawyers on January 20, according to the court document.

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Wright claims he has evidence to back up his claims, accuses Cobra of improperly controlling the website and demanded that the whitepaper be removed. It remains unknown if Cobra will reveal its identity to defend the claim in order to avoid any default judgment in Wright's favour.

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