Rothschild Investment Buys Stake in Kraken
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RTI Capital Partners (formerly known as Rothschild Investment Trust), has announced it had acquired a stake in the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange.

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In an announcement, the British investment firm said that Kraken is in talks with investors about "another round of fundraising that could give it a valuation of $20 billion." Kraken has not commented the investment.

RTI Capital's purchase comes after Kraken Chief Executive, Jesse Powell, said there is still a chance the exchange might be forced out of the United States due to "over-regulation." As Powell previously said, the watchdogs ask Kraken to close products that they are "not able to shut down for international competitors."

Kraken Launches VC Fund to Stimulate Crypto Development

In March this year, a spokesperson for Kraken said the exchange is preparing to become a public company in 2022. Kraken is mulling a direct listing, thus excluding an initial public offering (IPO) and a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). The exchange has grown too big to do a SPAC, according to the spokesperson.

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