Multinational Insurance Giant Adds Support for Bitcoin
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The Switzerland-based arm of AXA, a French multinational insurance company, now allows its clients to pay bills with the bitcoin (EXANTE: Bitcoin) cryptocurrency. The company said in a press release, the decision to accept the cryptocurrency represents a response to "growing customer demand for more choice when it comes to payments."

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The payments are made via inapay, a mobile app that allows accepting payments in BTC and other cryptocurrencies for business. However, the paid bitcoins do not go directly to a digital wallet owned by AXA. Instead, the bitcoins go to the crypto broker Bitcoin Suisse, which converts them into Swiss francs. AXA emphasizes it does not hodl bitcoins on its balance sheet.

Multinational Insurance Giant Adds Support for Bitcoin
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AXA Switzerland plans to add other crypto-payment options besides bitcoin in the near future. The range of payment options and services that can be used via the Web and the MyAXA app will continue to expand going forward, the company said.

Earlier in April, The Board of Directors of MicroStrategy decided to receive salary in bitcoin instead of cash. According to a regulatory filing, non-employee directors will now get salary in bitcoin nominally denominated in USD by the payment processor.

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