Ethereum Network Experiences Berlin Hard Fork
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The Ethereum network has experienced the Berlin hard fork at block 12,244,000. The day before the fork, the price of Ether updated its all-time high above $2,480, while the open interest in futures hit an all-time high at $8.1B.

As part of the update, four proposals have been submitted to improve Ethereum, including a change to the gas price calculation algorithm (EIP-2565 and EIP-2929) as well as new transaction types (EIP-2930 and EIP-2718).

According to, when the hard fork took place only 74.8% of the nodes were ready for Berlin.

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The EIP-1559 proposal, which will burn a portion of the transaction fees, is scheduled for the London hard fork, which will take place in July.

EIP-1559 has faced opposition from mining pools Ethermine and SparkPool due to the fact that it could reduce the miners’ transactional revenues.

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