ECB Reveals Results of Public Consultation on Digital Euro
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The European Central Bank (ECB) has published a report of its public consultation on a digital euro. The financial regulator found that the majority of respondents wants from such a digital currency privacy (43%), security (18%), the ability to pay across the euro area (11%), no additional costs (9%) and offline usability (8%).

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ECB Executive Board member, Fabio Panetta, noted that a digital euro can be successful only "if it meets the needs of Europeans."

"We will do our best to ensure that a digital euro meets the expectations of citizens highlighted in the public consultation," Panetta added.

The ECB also says over two-thirds of respondents admit the "importance of intermediaries" for accessing a digital euro. The report also emphasized that respondents want a digital euro to be integrated into the existing banking system. The consultation initiative, which lasted from October 12, 2020, until January 12, 2021, received over 8,200 responses. The ECB notes "a large majority" of respondents were private citizens.

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As the ECB's President, Christine Lagarde, earlier said, the regulator will decide by the middle of this year on whether it should start the development of a digital euro or not.

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