MicroStrategy Invests an Additional $15M in Bitcoin
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5 April
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NASDAQ-listed analytics software provider MicroStrategy has just purchased 253 BTC valued at $15M, the company CEO Michael Saylor has reported.

The average purchase price is $59,339, including fees.

In total, MicroStrategy currently holds 91,579 Bitcoins valued at $2.22B with an average purchase price of $24,311.

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In August 2020, MicroStrategy became the first public company to convert a portion of its equity ($250M) into Bitcoin.

In December, MicroStrategy issued debt to fund the purchase of the cryptocurrency. The company placed $650M in convertible bonds.

In February, MicroStrategy issued more debt (over $1B) and invested in the leading crypto again.

The company bought in March 262 BTC for about $15M and around 205 BTC for about $10M.

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