Ether Miners' Monthly Revenue Hit All-time High in March
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Ether miners had a really good month in March in terms of revenue, according to The Block.

In particular, they earned $1.38B, a slightly higher figure (+0.73%) than the $1.37B they earned in February.

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It must be noted that last month the proportion of transaction fees, which is a fee paid by users who submit transactions with the aim of having them processed and incorporated into the blockchain more quickly, was 9.94% lower than in February, while subsidies increased by 12.89%.

Of the $1.38B, 47.22% was in transaction fees, while in February the figure rose to 52.87% of the total.

The increase in the price of Ether, which today is trading above the psychological barrier of $2,000, is also contributing to the significant rise in revenues.

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