Ziggy Bitcoin Ransomware Victims Will Get Their Money Back
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The administrator of the Ziggy ransomware will compensate users who made a payment to unlock their files, BleepingComputer reports.

To receive the funds, users can send a ransom payment confirmation as well as a computer ID to Ziggy's e-mail address. They will receive the money in their crypto wallet within 2 weeks.

A representative of Ziggy has clarified payments in Bitcoins will be made at the exchange rate of the day the victims made the payment. The price of Bitcoin at the time of the attacks was $39,000.

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The creator of the malware claims he had to sell his house to recover the funds. In addition, he plans to become a ransomware hunter and fight against cybercriminals.

The creator of Ziggy announced in early February Ziggy was no longer working and released the keys to decrypt the infected files. The hacker explained he made this decision because he did not want to be arrested like the creators of the Emotet and Netwalker ransomwares.

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