Tesla Helps to Fix a Bug on BTCPay Server
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31 March
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US electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla has helped to fix several bugs in the popular cryptocurrency wallet and payment tool BTCPay Server.

To do so, Tesla contacted the developers of the tool after identifying several bugs in the code on GitHub while scanning the BTCPay repository. The bug affected users who boot from "Docker Deployment, have a configured e-mail server and enabled registration for users in Server Settings > Policies." BTCPay founder Nicolas Dorier said:

"The security team did an audit and contacted us. We then focused on fixing most of the points they disclosed one by one. They are now helping us to improve our process for security related disclosure."

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The BTCPay team has promised to disclose additional information about the bugs along with the next version of the client. Service representatives also said:

"We want to thank @teslamotors for filing a responsible disclosure, helping us with remediation and handling the situation professionally. We also want to thank Qaiser Abbas, an independent web-security researcher, for an additional responsible vulnerability disclosure that was handled in this release."

The BTCPay Server software was launched back in 2017. The service is open source and fully customizable locally, eliminating this way the need for users to rely on centralized solutions and suffer any censorship if they wish to accept Bitcoin payments.

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