Coinbase May List CBDCs if They Meet Its Standards
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Brian Armstrong, CEO of US crypto exchange Coinbase, has just announced the platform could list central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) in the future.

In a video for an ask-me-anything session on Reddit about the platform's future IPO on the NASDAQ, Armstrong has said CBDCs could be listed on the platform in the future if they meet all of the exchange's standards.

In response to a question about the "full integration of crypto payments into Internet services" and, in part, whether CBDCs could serve that purpose, Armstrong has said:

"I think central bank digital currencies are going to be really big as well and pretty much every major government out there is starting to think about how they’re going to build them. We are cryptocurrency agnostic, so we will support and cryptocurrency, including CBDC and stablecoins and decentralized ones like DAI as long as they meet our listing standards."

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Central banks around the world are actively working on the development of their own digital currencies in an attempt to stand up to traditional cryptocurrencies and prevent them from stealing control over the financial system. For instance, China's central bank is well advanced in the development of the digital yuan, and has already conducted multiple pilot tests in several regions of the country.

In addition, the Bahamas already has the Sand Dollar, while it has recently been known the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston will soon unveil its progress on the digital dollar.

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