REvil Attacks Acer, Bad Actors Demand $50M Ransom
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Acer Inc., a Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics corporation, has reportedly suffered a ransomware attack over the past weekend as the REvil ransomware ciphered the corporation's files and bad actors demand $50 million ransom in monero (XMR). According to The Record, the ransomware's goal was not to disrupt production systems but hit Acer's back-office network.

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While the hackers had not yet leaked Acer files, they already demonstrated screenshots of internal documents and financial spreadsheets as a warning.

REvil Attacks Acer, Bad Actors Demand $50M Ransom

Acer spokespersons declined to firmly confirm the incident. However, The Record managed to find a website on darknet, which bad actors used as an intermediate to communicate with Acer representatives.

REvil Attacks Acer, Bad Actors Demand $50M Ransom

As iHodl earlier reported, the average daily number of ransomware attacks jumped by nearly 50% during Q3, 2020 compared to the first six months of the year. According to a study carried out by Check Point, the highest number of ransomware attacks during the third quarter was recorded in the United States, India, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Russia.

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In the case of the US, the figure rose by 98%, in Sri Lanka by 436%, and in Russia by 57.9%.

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