Social Token Platform Roll Suffers a Hacker Attack
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15 March
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Roll, a social token platform that allows tokens to be issued on the Ethereum blockchain, has been targeted by a hacker or group of hackers.

Malicious users have reportedly exploited a security breach in the system to steal and subsequently sell the tokens. The amount of stolen funds reportedly amounts to $5.7M in ETH.

In particular, some of the affected tokens include WHALE, RARE and PICA, whose prices have dropped by 50% after the news broke, according to data provided by CoinGecko.

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The Block analyst Igor Igamberdiev has reported a portion of the funds have ended up in the crypto mixing service Tornado. Such services mix cryptocurrencies with those of other users, which makes tracking the assets a really difficult task.

The creator of WHALE, one of the social tokens affected by the hack, has reported 2.17% of the total issuance of the coin has been compromised by the attack, while the rest is safely stored in a cold storage.

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