Ethereum Miners to Protest Against Network Upgrade
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Ether miners who object to the EIP-1559 upgrade will redirect their computing power to the mining group Ethermine for 51 hours on April 1 to protest against the protocol update. They hope to reach 51% of the network's total hashrate, which will allow them to make unidirectional changes to the Ethereum protocol.

One of the opponents of the EIP-1559 update has said the goal of the action is not to attack the network, but to demonstrate that such attacks are possible.

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The Ethereum developers have recently made a decision that has been debated for over two years. The EIP-1559 update is scheduled to be implemented on the Ethereum network in July. The changes are intended to reduce fees caused by the high load on the currency's blockchain.

The Ethereum developers want to completely change the system of calculating fees in the network. Some of the fees miners now receive as payment for processing transactions will be burned. As a result, miners' income could be reduced by up to half the current amount.

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