BitMEX Plans to Add Spot Trading and Custodian Services
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Cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX wants to expand its services with new features like spot trading and custody, BitMEX CEO, Alexander Höptner, told Bloomberg. In an interview, Höptner also said he is trying to engage with regulators all around the world to get to the point where BitMEX can "provide services on a regulated basis."

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"We are approaching regulators where we are currently present, but we will also reach out to regulators where we are not," Höptner pointed out.

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The notorious cryptocurrency exchange is also on track to become a competitor to other platforms like Binance on the spot trading market. BitMEX, according to Höptner, also eyes such areas like brokerage and custody.

"We have to very fast make up our mind how we want to approach these aspects and then see whether we could find a partner or whether we build something or buy something," he said.

Höptner joined BitMEX in December 2020. Prior to it, Höptner had been working at Börse Stuttgart GmbH and Euwax AG since 2018. He also held executive committee roles for Deutsche Börse AG for 15 years.

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