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To improve access to finance and investment opportunities to everyday users, Cook Finance and DuckDAO have formed a strategic partnership DuckDAO is pushing the limits of what's possible with decentralized finance, showing what can be done with the backing of a large enough and suitably incentivized crowd. DuckDAO has been able to fund, grow, and market high potential projects, while giving everyday users access to new investments.

Cook Finance is on a similar mission, opening up the traditional asset management market, worth hundreds of billions of dollars, to a wider audience. With this collaboration, DuckDAO will assist Cook with growth, strategy, and marketing. This will help the Cook team avoid mishaps and capitalize on opportunities DuckDAO has experienced in its journey as a decentralized autonomous organization focused on financial empowerment.

Breaking Boundaries

Decentralized finance rewards users with possibilities previously reserved for the upper and wealthy classes. One of the industries with the highest barrier to entry is investments and asset management, a sector dominated by billionaires and the elite. Cook Finance plans to flip this industry on its head, making a previously inaccessible industry available to retail users.

Cook Finance is a DeFi platform offering fractionalized and tokenized assets in the form of high-tier investment funds run by some of the best fund managers on the market. By utilizing the strength of its user base, Cook Finance users will be able to pool their funds in a decentralized way and gain access to a variety of investment fund options. Whatever your income bracket, Cook Finance promises the opportunity to further your financial growth and independence.

Cook is a fully insured DeFi platform, covered by Nexus Mutual in case of a hack or vulnerability that results in the loss of tokens. In this situation, all funds would be returned to users as insurance coverage, providing similar coverage options as the traditional industry.

Using Cook’s protocol, fund managers can easily set up index funds, niche funds, and actively managed funds utilizing advanced investment techniques. This system allows for a large inflow of capital into these funds from participants, as well as investment expertise and exposure that was mostly inaccessible to this class of investors. A fund's success will be based on its track record; if the fund manager can demonstrate success, then the fund will attract more investors.

COOK Is the Backbone of the Platform

Cook Finance’s native token, COOK, acts as the gas of the network that allows transactions to take place and be verified as legitimate. The uses of COOK go well beyond that, however, as it also acts as a governance mechanism and is necessary to stake for a fund manager to open and operate a fund. DuckDAO sees the obvious potential in the protocol and its token and will work together with the Cook Finance team to help the project realize its full potential.

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