Mt.Gox Creditors Can Now Vote on Draft Rehabilitation Plan
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The Tokyo court found no reason to reject a draft rehabilitation plan so that creditors will decide on whether to approve it or not. According to Mt.Gox trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi, the next step is the vote among creditors, which will be open on March 24 and will last until October 8.

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The meeting of creditors is scheduled for October 20. The creditors could vote online, by mailing, or in person on the date of the creditors’ meeting. The specific method and timing of voting on the draft rehabilitation plan will be announced to rehabilitation creditors via Mt.Gox's website and other means, a report by Kobayashi says.

The distribution is about 165,000 BTC worth $8.2 billion and 165,000 BCH. Mt.Gox was founded in 2010 and was once the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

Bitcoin Faces Pressure as Mt.Gox Victims Can Finally Claim Assets

After a series of hacker attacks, the exchange filed for bankruptcy in 2014. The resolution of the accompanying legal issues led to a lengthy process, due to which creditors still cannot receive the coins due to them.

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