Brave Announces Roadmap 2.0 with New Wallet and Its Own DEX
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The Brave browser, a cryptocurrency-oriented browser focused on privacy, has revealed a second phase of its roadmap with new details on the upcoming projects. According to a blog post, the company is working on its own decentralized exchange aggregator to allow users to swap tokens.

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It is expected that the native cryptocurrency of the browser, the basic attention token (BAT), will give its hodlers advantages such as:

  • Discounts when utilizing BAT for paying transaction fees.
  • Discounts for users that hold BAT balances in their wallet.
  • Multi-chain support with many assets and blockchains.

Besides, the company will also redesign the Brave Wallet and add support for fiat payment with credit/debit cards, bank accounts, and smartphone wallets. Brave's announcement comes after a few days after a bug in the ad blocking component of Brave’s Tor feature had been identified. The bug caused a leak of the .onion URLs for websites visited by the browser’s users.

In June 2020, the browser was accused of unauthorized actions. According to a Twitter user @cryptonator1337, the browser autofilled link with a referral code without the knowledge of a user.

Binance’s Widget is Now Available for Brave Android Users

Brave CEO and Co-Founder Brendan Eich said the company made a mistake, but highlighted that since the company behind the browser is a Binance affiliate, it referred users via the opt-in trading widget on the new tab page.

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