Ethereum Miners' Revenue Exceeds $1B in February
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The miners of Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency on the market behind only Bitcoin, are making good revenue this month.

In spite of the fact that there are still a few days left until the end of February, the revenue of ETH miners already exceeds $1B, including approximately $541 million from transaction fees, which miners earn with each new block they create.

Notably, this revenue has been boosted by high transaction fees on the Ethereum network as well as the sharp rise in the cryptocurrency's price, which recently hit $2,000 for the first time ever.

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This month's revenue is well above last month's, when miners made $829.56M.

Ethereum mining is gaining popularity, which is resulting in a shortage of GPUs to mine the coin. As a result, many miners have started using gaming laptops, which are often equipped with powerful graphics cards, to mine the coin.

In addition, NVIDIA has recently announced it is working on dedicated hardware for Ethereum mining.

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