Number of Bitcoin Mentions in Twitter Reaches New High
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According to data provided by The Block Research, between February 7 and 14, Twitter users mentioned Bitcoin more than 675,000 times in their posts.

The last record was reached on January 10, when the weekly number of posts mentioning the crypto stood at 576,000, so the current figure is 17.13% higher.

It must be noted the number of new followers of cryptocurrency exchange accounts on Twitter has also experienced a significant increase. Thus, during the week ending on February 15, some 150,000 new followers were registered in this category. However, the record in this metric was hit in early January.

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Data provided by Google Trends revealed the number of searches for the term "Bitcoin" in February almost reached the maximum values recorded in January. In particular, the users performing the most searches are those from Nigeria, Austria, Switzerland, South Africa and Slovenia.

Not surprisingly, user interest in the currency is on the rise, with its price reaching $58,000 yesterday on its way to the psychological barrier of $60,000. However, the coin's price has lost about $2,000 since yesterday.

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