Verge Suffers a Hacker Attack
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Verge (XVG), one of the cryptocurrencies that is accepted as a payment method on the adult entertainment platform Pornhub, has just suffered a hacker attack, the project reported yesterday through its official Twitter account.

Apparently, the attack has consisted of a block reorganization that has resulted in transactions and balances of around 200 days, about 6 months, being removed from the project's blockchain.

However, Verge developers claim that the attack is reversible. In particular, the attackers have rearranged blocks and replaced transactions dating back to July 2020.

Coin Metrics network data analyst Lucas Nuzzi said this is "likely the deepest reorg that has ever taken place in a 'top 100' cryptocurrency."

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Notably, Coin Metrics COO Antoine Le Calvez was one of the first to notice the reorganization, sharing a screenshot on Twitter showing that at least 560,000 blocks had disappeared yesterday, February 15.

According to him, the reorganization could have been caused by a double spend, in which several XVG tokens are used simultaneously for two different transactions. However, due to the magnitude of the incident, Calvez believes it will take some time for developers to figure out what caused the reorganization.

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