Jack Dorsey Announces He's Running His Own Bitcoin Node
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Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and payments company Square, has just announced through his official account on the social network, where he has 5.2 million followers, that he is running his own Bitcoin node.

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In a post published today at 8:15 a.m., the Twitter CEO has shared a screenshot in which it can be seen that he is running a BTC node as well as the text "Running #bitcoin."

It must be noted the two words chosen by Dorsey refer to the famous two words shared by Bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney, who died of ALS in 2014. He tweeted the two words "Running bitcoin" on January 11, 2009, just eight days after the genesis block of the crypto was mined and the currency's blockchain went live.

A Bitcoin node is software that runs the crypto's blockchain. It stores all transactions made on the Bitcoin network and checks if they are valid. It also allows users to create transactions and send them to the network.

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