Discord Users Warn About Crypto Scam
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5 February
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A group of scammers are stealing cryptocurrencies and personal data from users of the chat platform Discord promising them free Bitcoins and Ethers, Kaspersky Lab experts have reported.

The scammers offer potential victims to register on a new crypto exchange and receive a cryptocurrency as a gift through a special code.

In order to complete the registration, users must make a deposit of 0.02 BTC into the account, or the equivalent in Ether or dollars. If the user accepts these conditions, a positive balance is shown on the account, however, the user cannot withdraw either the cryptocurrency or the previously made deposit from the platform.

Users are also asked to complete a KYC verification process, requesting contact information, documents, a selfie with passport as well as a piece of paper showing the exchange address, date of registration and signature. Kaspersky Lab representatives said:

"The scammers appear to be collecting a database to sell on the dark web."

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Experts at Kaspersky Lab recommend not to trust messages promising free distribution of cryptocurrencies and not to share personal information with unknown sites. Adjusting Discord privacy settings may also help in avoiding this type of suggestions.

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