Cash App Resumes Nokia and AMC Entertainment Trading after Short Ban
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Cash App has resumed NOK and AMC trading after its clearing broker, Axos, had temporarily suspended purchase of the overhyped stocks. Cash App wrote on Twitter it disagreed with the move "wholeheartedly" and hoped to make the stocks available for purchase again "as soon as possible."

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However, later Cash App reported that Axos resumed the ability to purchase AMC and NOK through its app.

"We will provide an update if the situation changes," the company said.

Axos' temporary decision to halt purchase of WallStreetBets' stocks comes after a sharp plunge of the stocks. The drops were so sharp that several brokerages even restricted access to contain volatility.

Cash App Starts Testing Short-Term Loans

As iHodl reported, Robinhood, a free-stock trading app, also restricted trading in GameStop (GME) and other stocks as their prices faced anomaly shy-high volatility surge. Robinhood also restricted transactions for several securities to position closing only.

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