Iran Bans Signal as Messenger is Working on Crypto Features
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Iranian authorities have imposed a ban on a privacy-focused messenger Signal, Al Jazeera has learned. Starting from January 25, Iranians have been reporting issues in connecting to Signal.

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Signal later said in a tweet it had been working around Iranian censorship since it hit the first place on the local Play Store called Cafe Bazaar.

At the same time, Mahsa Alimardani, an internet researcher, told Al Jazeera Signal has always been advertised as the "go-to application for dissidents or activists to stay secure from any state authority, especially the United States and its vast surveillance capabilities."

Iran's move towards tightening regulation comes amid news that Signal is working on its own crypto payments system. iHodl previously reported that the messenger is testing new features, including cryptocurrency payments.

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Signal's employees sounded alarm as the companyโ€™s exploration of cryptocurrency could involve "more bad actors onto the platform and attract regulatory scrutiny from world leaders."

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