UK Hospitals Rely on Blockchain to Track COVID-19 Vaccines
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British hospitals are using blockchain to track supply of COVID-19 vaccines, Reuters has learned. Several hospitals, based in central England’s Stratford-upon-Avon and Warwick, are monitoring fridges with COVID-19 vaccines with the help of the distributed ledger technology.

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Everyware, a payment gateway, said that blockchain will help keeping data safe and share it across various supply chains. For instance, Pfizer Inc and BioNTech’s vaccines must be shipped and stored "at ultra-cold temperatures or on dry ice," and can be kept in that condition only up to five days.

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Tom Screen, Technical Director at Everyware, says with the blockchain architecture, the company can verify the data it has collected "from every single device."

"We make sure that data is accurate at source, and after that point we can verify that it’s never been changed, it is never been tampered with," he added.

iHodl reported in August 2020, that the most popular South Korea's tourist destination, Jeju Island, started tracing the spread of coronavirus infection with the help of ICONLOOP's blockchain technology called Decentralized Identity (DID). Tourists can use a mobile app called Zzeung to register their destinations and businesses on Jeju Island, with their data kept privately on blockchain.

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