NVIDIA Could Issue Mining-focused GPUs
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18 January
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Nvidia could start issuing cryptocurrency mining-focused GPU in case of a crypto demand surge. Nvidia's Chief Financial Officer, Colette Kress, said at the 9th Annual J.P. Morgan Tech/Auto Forum Conference that the company can "use that opportunity to restart the CMP product line to address ongoing mining demand."

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Kress pointed out the company does not believe that crypto mining is a big part of its business today, as it can not see how much of the RTX 30 Series end demand comes from mining.

"This time feels different than what we had seen several years ago for a couple of reasons," she added.

She also admitted that supply of GPU cards will remain tight throughout Q1. In June 2020, BitMEX's research arm found that the ASIC manufacturing industry might continue to consolidate. According to BitMEX Research, only two to three ASIC manufacturers will survive in a long run.

The exchange's research arm analyzed the five main players in the market (Canaan, Ebang, MicroBT, Bitmain, Butterfly Labs), with a focus on their prospects.

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