Chainalysis: US Capitol Rioters Received Over 28 Bitcoins
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Chainalysis, a cryptocurrency-focused analytic agency, has found that several members of the alt-right movement have received a total of 28.15 BTC (over $1 million at the current price). The agency says the bitcoin donor sent the cryptocurrency to 22 separate addresses in a single transaction. Chainalysis alleges many of those addresses are connected with "far-right activists and internet personalities."

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At least 13.5 BTC received Nick Fuentes, far-right political commentator, who was present outside the Capitol. Chainalysis estimates Fuentes to be the largest receiver of the donations. Nonetheless, several other activists (anti-immigration organization VDARE and alt-right streamer Ethan Ralph) also received significant donations from the donor.

Chainalysis: US Capitol Rioters Received Over 28 Bitcoins

Chainalysis claims the donation has been made on December 8, 2020, a month before the storming of the US Capitol. It is assumed that the donor made the donations from a cryptocurrency wallet, associated with a French exchange. The data-miners found that the donor had his own blog that had not been active since 2014.

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However, the day after the donations were made, the unknown donor wrote a post in which he said he was going to commit suicide. Whether the donor is alive or not remains unknown.

In October 2020, Chainalysis said that financial institutions should individually assess each cryptocurrency exchange with which their customers transact to manage risks properly. If banks want to accept crypto in the long term, they should already start searching for all the ways their clients are funding digital wallets, the agency emphasized.

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