Top 100 BTC Addresses Accumulate 16% More BTC in The Last Month
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The 100 largest BTC addresses have increased over the last month the amount of Bitcoin they store, according to data provided by Bitinfocharts.

In particular, they have accumulated 16% more of the reference crypto over the past 30 days, adding 334,000 Bitcoins (about $11B).

Interestingly, almost none of these addresses have made significant movements during the recent decline of the crypto from $41,000 to $33,000, as only 7 of these addresses have made outgoing transfers recently.

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Regarding their composition, they do not belong only to individual whales. Thus, some of the addresses are controlled by well-known cryptocurrency exchanges such as Huobi, Binance, Bittrex and Kraken.

This list of large Bitcoin holders has attracted the interest of the community before, as many believe one of these could belong to Satoshi Nakamoto himself, the mysterious creator of Bitcoin.

In total, these addresses control more than 2.5 million BTC ($85B), about 13.5% of the currency's circulating supply.

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