Investment Company SkyBridge Capital Puts $182M in Bitcoin
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Dec. 30, 2020
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SkyBridge Capital, an investment firm owned by former US president advisor Anthony Scaramucci, has invested $182B in Bitcoin, according to an investor brochure, CoinDesk reported.

SkyBridge manages $9.3B and plans to launch its own Bitcoin fund on January 4. In preparation for this event, the company is investing its own funds and will offer its clients the possibility of investing in the crypto starting at $50,000. In addition, SkyBridge has highlighted it has added $25.3M to a new fund open to investors in December. SkyBridge noted:

"Bitcoin is digital gold. It is better at being gold than gold."

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The company claims the risk level of BTC as an investment asset has decreased over the past few years, and the dynamic of supply and demand in its market deserve attention. In addition, according to SkyBridge, Bitcoin has a network effect, which attracts retail and institutional investors.

SkyBridge Capital has recently invested $25M in the benchmark cryptocurrency.

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