OKEx Announces Launch Date for Its Own Blockchain
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OKEx's blockchain network called OKExChain officially has a launch date.

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According to an announcement, the launch of the OKExChain mainnet will be divided into four stages:

  • The first stage (also known as the genesis stage): start is scheduled from 4:00 pm UTC on Dec. 31, 2020 to 4:00 pm UTC on Jan. 14, 2021;
  • The second stage: OKEx will check the OKExChain mainnet's stability. The exchange admits the duration timeframe is not yet set;
  • The third stage: the launch of the transaction function. Users can withdraw their OKT and deposit it onto OKExChain;
  • The fourth stage: the launch of the smart contract virtual machine.

OKExChain will also have its own native token — OKExChain Token (OKT). It has an initial minting of 10 million tokens. OKT also works on the same halving model as Bitcoin (EXANTE: Bitcoin) — the initial block reward is 1 OKT and it is halved every three years. OKEx says the "theoretical total upper supply limit" is approximately 72.2 million OKT.

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Earlier in December, OKEx's CEO Jay Hao said the exchange is working on a new transparency plan after it suffered a temporal suspension of withdrawals. Hao admitted the incident highlighted several very important issues. In November, OKEx announced a compensation program for users who have made deposits, held tokens or traded during the period in which the exchange had to freeze withdrawals.

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