Ford Reveals Pros in Blockchain for Urban Air Quality
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American multinational automaker, Ford Motor Company, has revealed results of its study on how dynamic geofencing and blockchain can combine with hybrid-electric vehicles to help improve air quality in cities.

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Ford says almost 500,000 kilometres of data was collected during the programme. Mark Harvey, Director and Enterprise Connectivity executive at Ford of Europe, says blockchain can play a "major role in transforming cities."

"With their zero-emission capability with no range anxiety, PHEVs [plug-in hybrid-electric vehicles] offer a practical, flexible alternative to diesel, making them ideal as general-purpose vehicles for work in and around cities," Harvey added.

The blockchain network reportedly recorded the time a trial vehicle entered or left a geofenced zone. Hence, Ford ensured ‘green miles’ driven could be safely stored and shared among city authorities and fleet owners.

In October 2019, Ford alongside BMW, General Motors, Renault and Honda started testing a vehicle blockchain-based identification system that allowed drivers to pay for parking or travel without using cash or credit cards. Five global automakers jointly developed a vehicle identification system for use in the United States through the international Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative consortium.

Ford to Use Cryptocurrency for Traffic Control System

In 2018, Ford also received a patent for a system that facilitates cars on the road to communicate with each other using cryptocurrencies and reduce traffic.

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