Hacker Leaks 1 Million User Records from Ledger
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The Ledger hardware cryptocurrency wallet user database has been dumped on the sharing marketplace Raidforums for free, iHodl Russia has learned, citing security researcher Alon Gal. The data breach happened earlier this year when Ledger's representatives reported that an unknown person connected to the company's systems using an API key and stole the data of 1 million users, primarily their email addresses.

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The database contains emails, physical addresses, phone numbers and more information on 272,000 Ledger buyers and emails of 1,000,000 additional users, Gal notes. However, payment information and cryptocurrency assets were not affected, according to Ledger.

"Individuals who purchased a Ledger tend to have high net worth in cryptocurrencies and will now be subject to both cyber harassments as well as physical harassments in a larger scale than experienced before," Gal added.

The bad actor dumped the Ledger leak data on the sharing marketplace Raidforums for free.

One of the forum members dissatisfied with the dump as the Ledger database was previously sold for six figures. Users report that after the publication, they have already begun to receive phishing emails, in which they are told that the wallet is allegedly disabled, and to resume access, they should pass the verification process by the link.

Personal Data of Crypto Traders Leaked on Darknet

Earlier in December, bad actors sent a series of phishing e-mails to the users of the crypto wallet Ledger proposing an update after an alleged data leak.

According to data by Blockchain.com, a BTC address allegedly belonging to the attackers received 42 BTC (approximately $994 million as of press time).

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