Ledger Users Lose 60 BTC As a Result of a Phishing Attack
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Some attackers have sent a series of phishing e-mails to the users of the crypto wallet Ledger proposing an update after an alleged data leak, Russian news outlet ForkLog reports.

The message from the hackers, which is allegedly signed by Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier, informs users that on "December 8, security investigators from the company detected an unauthorized third party gaining access to one of Ledger Live's internal servers."

The data leak allegedly compromised the data of around 115,000 wallet users, including their personal information, private and public keys, as well as the amount of cryptos stored in the wallet.

ForkLog has discovered a new address belonging to the attackers. According to blockchain.com, it was first used on November 29. On December 4 it received 42 BTC.

The hackers have reportedly stolen more than 60 Bitcoins as a result of the phishing attack.

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