Sweden to Decide on Its Own Digital Currency by 2022
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Sweden’s government will decide on whether the country should launch its own digital currency or not, Bloomberg has learned, citing Per Bolund, Sweden's financial markets minister. Bolund claims the government is already exploring the possibility of launching a digital currency and expects to have a final decision by the end of November in 2022.

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Bolund believes it is important that the digitalized payments market functions in Sweden "safely, and that it is available to everybody." The research initiative is led by Anna Kinberg Batra, an ex-chairwoman of the Riksbank.

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In February 2020, Sweden already started testing the e-krona, a central bank digital currency (CBDC) by the Riksbank. According to the country's central bank, the pilot program will be active for a year, which means tests will end in February 2021.

Sweden is the second country in the world to announce the launch of a true and operative CBDC, as the Bahamas started the pilot program for its own CBDC in December 2019.

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