Pizza Hut Venezuela Starts Accepting BTC Payments
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The Venezuelan branch of the fast food giant Pizza Hut has just reported it now accepts BTC payments.

According to the announcement shared on Saturday by the company, from now on, Venezuelan users of the restaurant will be able to use the largest crypto in the market as a payment method.

It must be noted the possibility of paying with Bitcoin is the result of the collaboration of Pizza Hut with the digital assets company CryptoBuyer, a Panama-based startup that has been operating since 2015 in Latin America as a point of sale and provider of crypto ATM services.

Restaurant customers will be able to use not only Bitcoin, but also Dash and CryptoBuyer's native token, XPT, to pay for their food.

Richard Elkhouri, CEO of Pizza Hut in Venezuela, said:

"Today Pizza Hut is trying to go hand in hand with technological innovation, [using] what technology offers... to be able to maintain ourselves and evolve in the market."

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