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The world’s largest distributed network is now available on the devices of its largest telecoms manufacturer. Following a landmark partnership between TRON and Huawei, the former’s BitTorrent software will be available on 3 billion devices in 170 countries.

The BitTorrent app has been added to Huawei’s AppGallery, placing distributed files within the reach of billions of new users, who can tap into an array of multimedia, from movies to albums. In addition to BitTorrent, Huawei has added three related applications: BitTorrent Pro, uTorrent and uTorrent Pro. These provide a range of ways to interact with the BitTorrent network, while stripping away its underlying complexity.

TRON Goes Global With BitTorrent Integration

The TRON ecosystem is already embedded in hundreds of millions of devices, after Samsung added support for native dApps within its Blockchain Keystore earlier this year. The Huawei partnership is bigger still, though, for it brings the benefits of BitTorrent’s distributed file system to a global, mobile-first audience. In the process, BitTorrent will serve as a Trojan horse for cryptocurrency adoption, powered as it is by the BTT token and deeply enmeshed in the TRON network.

Justin Sun, founder of TRON and BitTorrent CEO, beamed:

"This is another huge milestone for TRON and BitTorrent to be listed by one of the largest Android manufacturers in the world. We are excited to see the blossoming universe of distributed networks grow via Huawei devices and technology."

Huawei Welcomes a Crypto-Friendly Future

While Huawei’s partnership with TRON should not be interpreted as a hearty embrace of blockchain technology by the manufacturer, it is nevertheless a step in the right direction, and a sign of things to come. While Apple has been cagey about allowing particular crypto apps to feature in its App Store, Android has welcomed virtually all comers. As a result, manufacturers of Android devices, Huawei included, have had their devices favored by crypto users.

Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, Huawei is a Chinese electronics powerhouse, and a major player in the Asian smartphone market. In 2012, Huawei overtook Ericsson to become the world’s largest manufacturer of telecom equipment, and only Samsung manufactures more smartphones.

Next Steps for TRON and BitTorrent

Eager to capitalize on the momentum from the Huawei announcement, TRON has begun work on a protocol to bridge Huawei apps, working in conjunction with BitTorrent Asia, an independent community team. The goal is to better integrate the BTT token and take full advantage of core features such as BitTorrent File System.

TRON’s ability to forge partnerships with major electronics manufacturers, entertainment providers, and tech titans has given even its staunchest detractors pause for thought. The blockchain company has done more to advance cryptocurrency adoption than most, particularly in the Asian market, where TRON is synonymous with all things crypto. Thanks to the addition of four BitTorrent apps to Huawei’s AppGallery, interacting with TRON assets, including BTT, just got a whole lot easier for billions.

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