Binance’s Widget is Now Available for Brave Android Users
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Binance's widget has been added to the Brave browser for Android (version 1.17), the exchange has announced. It should be noted the widget has been available in the desktop versions of Brave since April 2019, when the browser and the exchange were firstly integrated. From now on, Brave users using Android devices can easily trade and manage crypto assets directly from their mobile browser.

The integration of Binance's widget directly into the Android version of Brave will allow millions of users to access and Binance.US, in addition to simplifying the access to cryptocurrencies.

The widget allows users to access their account details, deposit funds as well as carry out transactions with cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Ripple, Litecoin and other assets available on the platform.

Just like the desktop version of the browser, Android users can interact with Binance's widget by simply opening a new tab in the browser.

The integration has been designed to provide a secure way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies while maintaining user privacy. Binance's widget is integrated directly into the Brave browser in Android, API calls can only be made if the user has authenticated through OAuth and interacts with the widget. After disabling the widget, Brave will not be able to access the account until the user reconnects. In order to disable the widget, users must open a new tab and select the "Edit" option. This will open a list of widgets where Binance's widget can be disabled.

The widget is expected to be available to iOS users in the coming months.

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