VMware Rolls Out a Blockchain Platform for Enterprises
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VMware, a Dell-owned cloud computing and virtual machine company, has just launched an enterprise-focused blockchain platform.

The company started its blockchain-related research in 2018 through its Concord Project, with which it aimed to develop a platform for enterprises that enables secure data exchange between organizations.

It should be noted VMware is not the first tech giant to adopt blockchain, as both IBM and other major conglomerates have launched or are working on the development of their own platforms based on cryptos' underlying tech.

The VMware blockchain solution is intended to help reduce the costs as well as the processing times involved in current processes.

The VMware Blockchain is now available for commercial use after being tested by the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), which plans to replace its current system with the VMware blockchain in April 2023.

Even though the firm has developed its own blockchain platform, the opinion of the company's CEO Pat Gelsinger towards cryptos is not so positive. Thus, last year he said Bitcoin is "bad for humanity."

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