Binance Sues Forbes for Defamation
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Cryptocurrency trading platform Binance has filed a lawsuit against Forbes Media and two of its journalists, Michael del Castillo and Jason Brett, in New Jersey, for allegedly publishing a defamatory article. The exchange wants to receive a compensation, CoinTelegraph reports.

In an article published on October 29, Forbes accused Binance of creating a complex structure aimed at evading regulatory requirements and obtaining secret profits from US investors. Changpeng Zhao, the platform's CEO, says all the accusations are false.

Binance claims the Forbes article contains false, misleading and defamatory statements. The exchange insists it did not create the document mentioned in the article and that it did not act in accordance with the plan specified in it. In addition, the alleged author of the document, Harry Zhou, has never worked for the company.

Binance has said it contacted Forbes and asked them to remove the article and apologize for publishing it, however, this never happened. Binance has pointed out the damages suffered by the article amount to millions of dollars.

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