BlockFi to Roll Out its Retail Products in Europe
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12 November
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Cryptocurrency startup BlockFi has just announced it intends to launch its retail products in Europe in early 2021, The Block reports.

David Olsson, the company's vice president for Europe and Asia, has reported that in particular, the company intends to roll out its products in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Italy during the first quarter of 2021. He said:

"They’re large enough markets that it’s worth our while to go in and put the resources to work to get traction there, and there is also the regulatory certainty that they’re more pro-crypto and it’s a stable regulatory environment."

The company has already started testing its products in Italy.

However, the startup has no plans to launch its products in the UK, at least for the time being, in spite of the fact that Olsson and his team of ten people are based in London.

Everything suggests the company's decision could be related to the latest measures taken by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the UK's financial watchdog, which in October banned the sale of crypto products to retail investors.

Even though this ban does not directly affect BlockFi, the overall picture for crypto-related retail products remains "complicated" in the UK.

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