Monero's Network Suffers a Hacker Attack
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An unknown attacker has tried to hack into the network of the anonymous cryptocurrency through the so-called Sybil attack.

Former crypto-developer Riccardo Fluffypony Spagni has said the attacker tried to match the IP addresses of the nodes that transmitted the transactions. However, the attack did not interrupt the privacy mechanisms.

Spagni has pointed out Monero developers added a new feature in April as part of the Dandelion++ package. Spagni has added:

"Dandelion++ works by randomly ‘diffusing’ transaction broadcasts. This means that for a Sybil attack to link a transaction to a node's IP address it has to be intercepted at the very first node."

Spagni has also recommended users concerned about Sybil attacks that they use Tor to carry out their transactions.

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