FTX Adds Tokenized Stock Futures
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Crypto trading platform FTX has just added quarterly tokenized stock futures with up to 100x leverage.

This new addition to the platform comes less than two weeks after the exchange included tokenized stock trading.

According to FTX, these new quarterly tokenized stock futures will track FTX spot markets as its index, and will work in the same way as futures on other FTX products.

However, there are some conditions that must be taken into consideration. To begin with, in ordinary dividends futures will not have any adjustment, while corporate shares, such as stock splits and spinoffs, will be adjusted, either by changing the denominators or by becoming a future on the whole basket in the case of spinoffs. In addition, FTX reserves the final right of determination.

The tokenized stock trading service that FTX launched a few weeks ago allows users to acquire fractions of shares of major companies such as Tesla, Amazon and Apple.

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